Conference Proceedings | J Oral Health Dent. 2018;1(S2):A020 | Open Access

A Survey Exploring Placement Educators Experiences of using RCSLT Dysphagia Competency Framework across the West Midlands

Docherty LA

Birmingham City University, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK



Purpose: Birmingham City University’s placement educators (clinicians who take students on clinical placement) have been using the RCSLT Dysphagia Competency Framework with students since its publication in 2014. Students have anecdotally reported varying degrees of educator engagement with, and confidence using the framework. For example, some students have had competencies signed off after one demonstration of a competency whereas other students have not had any competencies signed off despite being able to demonstrate the competency consistently on placement. There have also been reports of clinicians being unaware of the framework. The aim, therefore, of this project is to begin exploring the experiences of our placement educators using the framework with our students.
Method: Placement educators will be recruited using networks established via the RCSLT e.g. West Midlands Hub, research newsletter and through social media e.g. via Twitter and Facebook. A mixed methods approach will be utilized with participants answering survey questions via survey monkey. The survey will consist of quantitative questions utilizing a Likert scale but after each question the placement educators will be given the opportunity to add qualitative comments.
Results: The survey results will be analyzed using descriptive statistics for the quantitative questions and a framework analysis approach will be used for the qualitative statements.
Potential Implications: Results from the project could indicate a need for further placement educator training around implementation of the framework with our students. The results will also be disseminated to RCSLT who are aware of this project.